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Milks Cult🥛

╭──・ What we offer・──╮
❤️│Chill Community ⚠️│18+ only! 💎│Modded MC server 🎨│Self Roles 🎮│Mainly a gaming server 🌸│Active VC 💰 │Giveaways!

What is Milk Cult? A friendly and supportive gaming community. Come join us to meet new friends, watch movies, and play games together. Our community is diverse and non-toxic, but we know how to have fun. 😇

This server’s first and foremost purpose was to play Halo Infinite with friends. With time, the community grew bigger and bigger, and the variety of games played expanded.

This server still remains primarily a gaming server, but it’s also a community hangout to chill together, listen to music, watch movies… We’re a small family now. 🙂

Here’s your first bottle of Milk! 😊🥛