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11 Tips & Tricks for Setting Up a Discord Server for Gaming

While setting up a Discord server is technically pretty easy, but setting up one that keeps gamers around longer than a few minutes is a bit more challenging.

Here are 10 tips to get your Discord for gamers:

  1. Make sure you have a good name for your server. This will be the name that other players will see when they join your server.
  2. Have a good description of your server. This will help other players understand what your server is all about.
  3. Create a set of rules and guidelines for your server. This will help keep your server organized, and running smoothly, and weed out the bad actors.
  4. Have moderators to help your keep the peace. You might be able to do it alone with the first hundred members, but it will get too much as more members are online when you are not. BONUS: Find moderators that are on the opposite of the world as you. This way you may sleep while the other person keeps an eye out.
  5. Make your Voice and Text channels easy to navigate. This will allow you and other players to communicate easily before, while, and after you are playing games.
  6. Add emojis to important channels in order to have your members associate those channels with a symbol. This also means do NOT change emojis often as your members will need to “relearn” what means what again.
  7. Make your server icon stand out from the others. Try to avoid darker icons AND try to avoid changing icons often because of the same reason as #6.
  8. Make sure you have a good server banner. This is the image that will be displayed at the top of your server’s page on Discord.
  9. Visit larger public gaming servers that share similar interests to you and your own Discord and befriend people there and then invite them to yours.
  10. Be active in your server. If you’re not around to chat, play games, or otherwise interact with your server’s members to keep the community alive.
  11. Make sure you have a good game selection. This will allow your server to appeal to a wide range of gamers. Adding reaction roles will help your members “sign-up” and get notified when people are looking for a game.

By following these tips, you will be well on your way to setting up a Discord server for gamers that will be enjoyed by all. And feel free to join our own gaming community to see how we do it. Here is our invite link: