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Halo Infinite Blood Gulch Green Teleporter at Base

Halo Infinite Blood Gulch Recreated + Download Link

Halo Infinite’s Forge mode was added on Tuesday as part of the long-awaited Winter Update. This update also added campaign co-op, allowing players to team up and play through the campaign together. In Forge mode, players can create their own custom Halo maps, and it didn’t take long for players to start recreating iconic maps from previous Halo games, like Blood Gulch.

The Winter Update for Halo Infinite added a number of features to the game, such as campaign co-op, mission replay, new achievements, and more. One of the most popular features in Forge mode, allows players to create their own maps. Within hours of the mode going live, players had already recreated the iconic Blood Gulch map from Halo: Combat Evolved.

Classic Bases
Secret Spot
Scrap Turrets
Insides Caves
Trench Warfare
Classic Green Teleporter

What is Coagulation?

Coagulation is a multiplayer map in Halo 2, based on the Halo: Combat Evolved map Blood Gulch. It is a vast, open map with identical bunkers at each end, making it ideal for Capture the Flag games. It can accommodate matches of 6-16 players. Coagulation was remade as Hemorrhage in Halo: Reach and Bloodline in Halo 2: Anniversary. Now it’s being made by the Halo Infinite Forge Community.

Why is it Called Coagulation Instead of Blood Gulch?

The Halo Infinite version of the map formerly known as BloodGulch has been renamed to Coagulation, after the Halo 2 version because the word “blood” is blocked. The updated map features new game modes that were popular back in the day including capture the flag (CTF), team slayer, free-for-all (FFA), and oddball. 

Download Link

Ready to start playing? Halo Waypoint’s Content Browser will now be the primary location to find and download the map under “My Files” or bookmark for later. View on Halo Waypoint.

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