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Modded Survival MC Discord Server!


Interested in joining our Minecraft server?
We’re just a small collection of friends grouped from other Minecraft servers possibly hoping to grow big ourselves without the common tyrannical power struggle of communities/staff that seems to be commonplace for medium-size servers that aren’t networks.

How to join the Minecraft Server Whitelist ∶

  1. Join Milks Cult🥛 Discord server
  2. Visit 1.19.2 on Java or Bedrock editions @ (Name: Starch World)

✦ Use  💎│minecraft channel to chat.

Our Server Features

★ Beautiful, Diverse Custom Biomes w/ Seasons and Weather from TerralithIncendium ~ Nether Expansion, and FokaStudio’s Ender Expansion
★ Dungeons/structures spread across the worlds from When Dungeons ArisePillager StrongholdHopo Better Underwater Ruins, and more!
★ RPG elements such as Player Stats that increase as you play, custom resourcepack items, damage indicators, and unique Enchantments aside from vanilla.
★ Quality of Life plugins that enhance Visual Mechanics.
★ Join the server from Java-edition to Bedrock-edtion on 1.19.1 but we recommend 1.18.1 at least.
★ Other plugins like GriefPrevention claims, PlayerVaults, crates (not p2w), or Graves.
★ And even more features that I can’t think of right now!

Useful Commands


/stats lets you see your stats and exp progress (Fishing is currently bugged i think)

/enchants Get a list of enchantments with search function, conflicts and where there is a possibility of getting them.

/sethome Makes a spot to TP to
/home TP you to the spot

/tpahere <name> Tp target to you
/tpask <name> TP to target
/tpaccept confirms TP
/randomtp TP you to a random location in overworld.

TP only works in the overworld.

/claim Sets up claim
/containertrust <name> Gives container trust inside claim your standing or all your claims if you’re standing outside.
/trust gives access to buttons and doors.
/accesstrust no idea
/untrust <name> or all to take away permissions same inside outside rules as before.
/abandonclaim erase claim and gets you your claim blocks pack
/claimlist coardinates of your claims and claim blocks left to spend

To resize you claim right click a golden shovel inside your claim to see your boarders then right click one of the corners (a glow stone block) then right click again where you want it to move.

/grave uses money to TP to where you died to a box where you can pick up your stuff. Also works in the Nether and End.

/quests what objectives you currently have
/getreward to claim completed quests.

You can craft your own Elytra with 2 Spectral arrows, 2 crossbows, 1 trident, 1 feather and a Power V enchanted book. There may not be any Elytra’s left in the End